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Flowers, Promises, Tolls and Abraham Lincoln

The 2019 Florida Legislative Session began this Tuesday, March 5th with its usual flowers, speeches, legislative promises and for those of us who have followed it for decades, with an unexpected undertone of uncertainty.  Our newly minted governor Ron DeSantis began his “State of the State” speech by comparing the US House of Representatives to “a prison” and stating that he is “privileged to be able to work with a legislative body that has demonstrated the ability to get things done and to lead.”  And while many of us chuckled at the comparison and recognize that our state legislators unlike our federal ones have an obligation to approve a budget before the end of session and are motivated to get to work by the fact that they cannot fundraise while in session, a few factors make this 60 day period one that residents of Miami-Dade County should watch closely.

Water Water Everywhere but Not a Drop to Drink

I couldn’t help but remember my AP English Teacher’s take on the Rime of the Ancient Mariner as I listen to Legislative Committee meetings this week.  Samuel Coleridge’s lyrical ballad, considered by many to be the transition to modern poetry specifically British Romantic literature, is an enchanting tale about a mariner whose good fortune turns to bad and while he survives the trials and tribulations of the voyage, returns home, like all heroes, “a sadder and a wiser man.”

Want to file for Miami-Dade County Commission? There may be a line.

The election is still more than a year away, but the novelty of a crush of open seats on the Miami-Dade County Commission has created such demand that two candidates bumped into each other at the Elections Department Friday while filing their candidacy papers.

Raquel Regalado, a former elected school board member who lost the 2016 mayoral race to incumbentCarlos Gimenez, filed her papers to seek the District 7 commission seat Gimenez once held and that's now occupied by Xavier Suarez. (Really quick: Suarez used to be the mayor of Miami, and so did Regalado's dad, Tomás. Suarez's son, Francis, is the mayor now.) 

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